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We provide the service of doorstep delivery of the consignment in Melbourne and all of its suburban areas. Whether it is a small document for official purpose or any big consignment of daily supply chain business, we provide safe and on-time delivery of the consignment. We provide extra service in the packaging of your consignment. Our drivers have enough experience and expertise to reach all difficult to reach destination without delay. Once you book the parcel delivery service then in no time our driver will be reach at pick up point. Our transition system is equipped with a live tracking facility to know the exact position of your parcel. We handle daily supply chain management of commodities in Melbourne city also. So we are the right choice for your logistic transfer in Melbourne.

Taxi parcel delivery services in Melbourne can be a convenient option when you need to transport packages or parcels across the city. Here’s some information on how to arrange taxi parcel delivery in Melbourne:

  1. Taxi Parcel Delivery Companies: There are specialized taxi parcel delivery services in Melbourne that cater specifically to transporting packages. These companies operate similarly to regular taxis but focus on delivering parcels instead of passengers. Some well-known taxi parcel delivery companies in Melbourne include Yellow Cabs, Silver Top Taxis, 13 Silver Taxi and 13CABS.

  2. Booking the Service: To book a taxi for parcel delivery, you can typically contact the taxi company directly through their phone number or mobile app. Provide them with details such as the pickup address, delivery address, package dimensions, and any specific instructions or requirements.

  3. Pricing and Payment: The cost of taxi parcel delivery in Melbourne usually depends on factors such as the distance, package size, and any additional services requested (e.g., express delivery). The taxi company will provide you with a quote or estimate when you make the booking. Payments are typically made to the driver upon delivery, and you can inquire about their accepted payment methods beforehand.

  4. Timeliness and Tracking: When booking a taxi for parcel delivery, you can ask the company about estimated delivery times and any tracking mechanisms they have in place. Some companies may provide real-time tracking so that you can monitor the progress of your package. It’s a good idea to communicate any time-sensitive deliveries or specific delivery requirements to ensure the driver is aware.

  5. Safety and Security: Make sure to package your items securely to prevent damage during transit. For valuable or fragile items, you can request the driver to handle them with extra care. It’s also important to verify the identity of the driver and ensure they are from the designated taxi parcel delivery service you booked.

  6. Limitations and Restrictions: Taxi parcel delivery services may have certain limitations and restrictions on the size, weight, and type of items they can transport. It’s advisable to check with the taxi company beforehand if you have any specific requirements or if you need to transport oversized or prohibited items.

Remember to inquire about the specific policies and procedures of the taxi parcel delivery service you choose, as they may vary among different companies. It’s also recommended to compare prices, read reviews, and consider the reliability and reputation of the service provider before making a booking for taxi parcel delivery in Melbourne.